Stressless Features

Posted On Inspired engineering, trend forecasting and industry experience are the secret to creating luxurious furniture people are proud to own. As the “Innovators of Comfort,” we are masters of the comfort needs of the human body and continue to develop the most intuitive and beautiful comfort technology. As such we create solutions that cater to different needs, after all everyone is different! With different sizes and different bases that offer various feels, it truly is comfort tailored to you!


Whether you sit upright or lean back, our unique Plus™ system ensures perfect support and comfort regardless. The neck and lumbar support provided adjusts to your slightest movements and for unbeatable comfortable, the sleep function can be easily activated.


It’s all about finding the right balance and with BalanceAdapt™ it tailors to your body’s smallest movements with a soft rocking motion. It ensures the sitting angle adjusts even further, providing a unique comfort just for you. 


A light press of a button elevates the concealed footrest to provide the legs and feet with comfortable support. Take your comfort to the next level with an elegantly hidden foot rest under the seat.