Questions & answers

Is Ekornes furniture delivered assembled or flat-packed?

For ease of transportation, the furniture is delivered in a form that requires some post-sale/post-delivery assembly work. Your retailer is expected to do the assembly for you.

I want to buy a new Stressless® chair, but none of the dealers in my area has any furniture on display with leather in the colour I want.

We have such a wide range of qualities and colours in our collection that it is, unfortunately, impossible to have every variation on display. We hope, however, that your retailer has shown you samples of all the alternatives as these will give you a good impression of the overall effect despite the fact that the samples are not very large. You can also change the colour of the leather and wood on the chairs featured on our internet pages.

I have found a Stressless chair that is extremely comfortable to sit in, but the ones stocked by my local furniture dealer are in black leather with cherrystained wood. Is the chair available in other colours?

Yes. Your dealer can order the chair in a wide range of colours from our large collection. Ask to see the sample rack which holds samples of all the leather and wood colours available.

Can I order furniture direct from Ekornes here on the Internet?

No, Ekornes products are only sold through retailers. Most customers want to see and try out the furniture before buying and, given this fact, a good network of dealers is the best option. Your local dealer can also show you samples of all the leather and wood finishes available.

I have a Stressless chair which I bought at least 15 years ago, and the armrests are starting to get a bit worn. Can you tell me how much a new set of armrests for this chair would cost?

Because of its age, both the chair and type of leather with which it is upholstered are probably out of production. Also, with an older piece of furniture like this, the difference in the colours of the old and new components will be quite obvious if only parts of the chair are renewed or reupholstered. We recommend you contact a leather specialist/hide doctor for advice on how to deal with this problem.

I have ordered some furniture from you and I am now wondering when I can expect delivery.

We recommend you contact the retail store where you ordered the furniture to find out when it will be delivered. If necessary, they will contact us and give us the necessary references so that we can find out the status of your order.

Where can I buy your products?

You will find a list of dealers by clicking here.